You can do it, we can help Why Us

We are Dollop, which means "Adding Quality Without Measuring". Yes correct, that's what we are. We enhance your usable data by adding quality intelligence to  your valuable data. We understand your software needs and have customized solutions tailored just for you. Our specialization lies in data analytics, web designing and mobile.

Why Choose Us

At Dollop Infotech we work with start ups, small to medium size firms trying to get their business online, who either are looking for technology partners for extension / speeding up or for developing a prototype to know practicability of their product. We know how decisive investment decisions are for them and we know that software development is piece of cake if done with technical skill coupled with sound software engineering practices whereas destructive money pit if not taken cared of correctly.

  • Strategy
  • Effective Involvement of Management
  • Specialists
  • Quality
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Security